Today is the start day

… that I officially begin to build miles to ride a century in September.

Mondays are a pretty easy day, so I’ll just have a short ride scheduled for this evening.  In fact, I’ll probably ride further (or is it farther) than the massive 6 miles required by the schedule.  As the rides get longer on weekends, Mondays turn into a rest day in the future.

This past weekend, I just played around.  Saturday, before riding, I ran out to a yard sale that listed a road bike.  It was already gone when I got there.  I have visions of finding some perfect lugged steel someday.

I also saw lots of riders scattered out on the roads, all ages, genders, and abilities.  One woman riding out in the country had to be 70 easily.  Since I get closer to that age every day, I find that vastly encouraging.

I changed and rode as soon as I got home.  The legs didn’t feel their perkiest.  Probably because I picked a ridiculously hilly route.  One hill I’ve never been able to finish off.  It goes straight up right after a left turn, in the range of 13-15%.  So I don’t even get a running start at it.  I did finish off one that went to 13.8%.

I didn’t ride yesterday as I stopped by a friend’s house.  Ended up being fed and learning a funny domino game which we spent the afternoon on.  Storms came by the time I got home.  But that’s OK.


~ by susancyclist on July 13, 2009.

2 Responses to “Today is the start day”

  1. Susan,
    congratulations on the journey towards your first century. Of course you know, once you complete that one there is no turning back and you will be hooked for life. Enjoy the rides leading up to and following the milestone in cycling.

  2. Ah, but not my first. It will be the first in a couple of years though.

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