I haven’t been posting much lately because, let’s face it, I’m lazy.

My long weekend was nice enough, though bicycle plans went askew.  They skewed all over.

Friday was to be the day we rode the train into Nashville, then pedaled back to Lebanon.  Megan arrived at my house in plenty of time for us to ride over to the station and load the bikes onto the train.  I was walking out the door when, all at the same time, I realized I had only one glove in my hand and Meg broke the valve on her rear tire tire while pumping it up.

I suggested she put her bike back on her Jeep, drive over and she could switch the tube on the train.  I’m trying to figure out where my glove is.  She trying to find her CO2 cartridges (I’m not sure why they aren’t in her saddle bag; otherwise what’s the point.)

I grabbed the other, less liked pair of gloves.  She stands in the garage and vents a minute.  We are running out of time.  The train NEVER leaves late.  That’s when we give up on the train ride idea and decide to ride locally.

That’s also when I realize something is sorta shading my right eye.  It’s the missing glove.  It’s in my helmet which is on my head.

Afterward, we had a nice ride.

For Saturday and Sunday, I decided to watch the Tour in the mornings and ride in the afternoon.  So both of those rides were stormed out.

So instead I cleaned the Giant.  Really, really clean.  Use a Q-Tip clean.  Use a rag between each and every cog on the rear cassette clean.  Then my new tires came in yesterday.  So even though I’ve just replaced the back one, I shined up the front.  It now looks clean.  Really clean. If I ever get around to replacing that dirty tape, it will again be the most beautiful bike in the whole world.



~ by susancyclist on July 8, 2009.

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