Hot Again! Good though




I had an excellent weekend, rode hard and worked hard.  As a result I have tired legs and a pretty yard.

Saturday morning I got up at 4:30 so I could have my coffee and still head out before it got too hot.  But I was a bit of a sloth and didn’t hit the pavement until almost 7.

I stopped to snap the balloon picture early on in my ride.  I think it had already flown and was waiting for the deflate portion of the day to set in.

I really want to do a hot air balloon ride someday.

I headed straight up the highway to Watertown, a route I often take.  Although it’s a busy highway, it has good, wide, rideable shoulders for the most part.

I rode by Watertown on the highway, then turned off and came back through town on the cutoff.  Then I turned left and rode by the drive-in.  Heading this way takes me by some really pretty farms and up and down some rollers.  There is one excellent descent.  It’s long for this area, widing around and gives your legs a rest.  The big surprise was there was an unexpected patch of gravel at the end.  I was braking and shifting trying to get back under control.  Nearly dropped the chain.

I continued to wind through the countryside until I got to my nemesis hill.  The one where I became a Weeble (I wobbled, but I didn’t fall down).  I had done some adjusting on the bike and had given some thought about how to take the hill.  But when it came down to it, I freaked, chickened, and feathered the brakes in the 35 mph range.

The rest of the ride was hot and humid, but otherwise pleasant and uneventful.  I got in a little over 35 miles and was very glad to hit the air conditioning when I got home.

I spent the rest of the day on yard work.

Sunday, Megan and I had planned another early morning ride and she actually got to my house by 5:35 a.m.  We headed through town, then out Cainsville Road to the industrial subdivision.  Then turned left onto Tater Peeler Road.  Yes, that really is the name.  This section involved several steep, short hills.  My poor legs were getting some work this weekend. 

After that section, I was noticing some bumping in the rear wheel and asked Megan to take a look.  She thought it might look low, so we stopped to take a closer inspection.  It wasn’t low, it was still quite firm.  But it has a cut and a gouge of some size.  The gouge is what is causing the bumpy feel.  So I guess I’ll be ordering some new tires today.  And I have such expensive taste in tires.

The rest of the ride was hot, pleasant and uneventful.  We were back home before 9 and got in over 20 miles. 

Then we lounged a bit over coffee on the deck.

I finished the yardwork that afternoon and was so tired I wanted to go to bed at 7! 

Today is a rest day so naturally the temps are 10 degrees cooler and the humidity is gone.


~ by susancyclist on June 29, 2009.

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