Another pretty darn good weekend

I rode both days and had a good time doing so.

Saturday I headed out by myself with no immediate goal in mind.  At first I had one route, but changed my mind and turned right rather than left. 

At this point I passed a cyclist going in the opposite direction.  I’ve passed this guy several times before.  He is usually wearing a sleeveless red jersy and he has a mustache.  He is probably in my age bracket.  One of these days I’ll find out who is is and if he is interested in riding with a slowpoke like me.

I decided to head over to a parkway through an industrial subdivision.  It has a long shallow climb.  I wanted to work on maintaining my spin uphill.

I did pretty well with that until I was run off of the road.  I was being passed, too closely, by a big, dually truck.  Fortunately, I peeked back to find he was pulling farm machinery on a very wide trailer.  It may have taken me out; I don’t know.  I went into the gravel but didn’t go down.

After a second of shock, the adrenaline surge hit and I tried to catch him.  I was going to give him a piece of my mind.  I kept him in sight all the way to the highway turn-off, but couldn’t make up the gap.  However, my cadence did really well on the rest of that climb.

After the adrenaline rush was over, I decided to head home.

Sunday Megan and I planned to ride.  She came over about 10:30 and we sat and debated about whether it was going to rain.  After not deciding, we elected to take a circular route where we could cut back to my house if necessary.  We had a good fun ride with some decent hills and discussed getting in shape for a century.  We ended by checking out the new section of bike path which opened Friday.  As we headed toward home, I found that I had never hit the start button on my Garmin.  Dummy.

It never rained.


~ by susancyclist on June 15, 2009.

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