It’s been a nice weekend…

It’s a shame it has to end.


I fully intended to ride on Saturday; but I made the mistake of watching a gardening show while I had my morning coffee.  Next thing I know, I’m headed out to buy mulch and a couple of plants.  It needed to be done and the yard looks much nicer.

6-7-09 006

As for the rest of the day, I helped the across-the-street neighbor close down her yard sale, then a friend stopped by and we had a cocktail on the deck.


I did get in my ride today despite the sore hip flexors and stiff back from yesterday.

Interesting things on today’s ride.

Wild roses road side

Wild roses road side

On the way back in I checked out the extension being added to the bike path.  In this case, I use bike path loosely as this fits pedestrians.  But I would use it for the occasional short cut.

view from bridge

view from bridge

New bridge

New bridge

A peak at the path

A peak at the path

Finally, on the last leg of the ride, I happened to spot a CD with a big green apple on it laying in the road. As I rode by, I thought, “that doesn’t look like it’s been run over.” So I went back, picked it up and jammed it into my jersey pocket.

When I got home, I checked it out. It’s disc 1 of the Beatles Anthology 2. It plays perfectly. How do those things end up in the road?


~ by susancyclist on June 7, 2009.

One Response to “It’s been a nice weekend…”

  1. You live in a really pretty place to ride…

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