Is summer here?

Yesterday it was in the high 70s, low 80s; today upper 80s.  Tomorrow we break into the 90s for the first time.  I believe we are making our annual leap into summer.

I had a nice ride this morning taking a wide arc around the northwest of  town, then smack down the middle of town before heading home.  Riding on Sunday mornings is so pleasant as there is so little traffic.

An early road in my route was some up-and-down climbing which has left hand turns at the bottom of at least two hills.  That is completely unfair.

I also rode what may be the only flat stretch of road in the area.

I’ve also mowed the yard today!

Meanwhile, Megan has e-mailed me about training for a century later this year.  I think I’ll agree to do it.  I haven’t ridden one in a couple of years. That will help me shed the extra 10 pounds I’ve accumulated this year.

She’s never completed one.

Finally, I promised to post a picture of the cycling caps I made:



~ by susancyclist on May 31, 2009.

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