I get wet

This morning I checked the weather when I got up.  It had been raining, but had stopped, so I thought I might get in a ride.  So I changed into my oldest jersey and shorts (wet roads, no fenders) and as I headed into the garage with the water bottles, the heavens opened.

Shucky darn.

So after fiddling around the house a bit I changed clothes and decided to sew.  after I got into the project, a summer dress, I decided I needed to line it, so headed to the fabric store.  Of course, while I was away from home the sun emerged.

So I rushed back home, changed and headed out for a ride.  I could see showers to the left of me, showers to the right.  But I managed a big circle through town.  There was a very strange headwind out of the northwest at the end.

My mistake was stopping to chat at a friend’s house about a mile from home.  I would have beaten the rain otherwise.  But I ended up doing the last mile in a down pour.

Sun’s back now.


~ by susancyclist on May 24, 2009.

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