Nice ride

Finally got back in the saddle today.  Felt good.  Megan called and wanted to ride this afternoon rather than morning.

We headed out for the “llama farm route” and then toodled around town some.

I have a squeak that is a bit worrisome.  It could just be the pedal.  Or it could be something a bit more serious.  At some point this weekend I’ll take off the pedals and clean and lube them to see if that cures the squeak.

Megan had this intermittent rubbing sound.  While we were on side roads I kept looking at one side, then the other to see if I could tell what was rubbing.  At first everything looked good.  Then finally I looked at the right spot and exclaimed, “Megan, your cassette is filthy!”  I’m guessing the accumulated crud on the cassette was causing the rubbing sound.  (Been there, done that).

When we got back to my house, her drive train got a thorough clean.

As to the remainder of the long weekend, rain is predicted.  I think it always rains for Memorial Day weekend.


~ by susancyclist on May 23, 2009.

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