Happy, happy Thursday

Did you think I had crashed and disappeared? 

Not so. 

I have been working on projects, entertaining out-of-town guests, cleaning before and after said guests, etc.  The last two days have been spent on yardwork; it grew mightily after the big rains we’ve had.

All this is leading up to:  no plans for this long weekend!!  Boo-yah.  (did I spell that right?)

I will ride.

On a cycling related note, one of my rainy day projects was figuring out and making my own cycling caps.  I found a free design program at Wild Ginger Software which included a baseball cap. I just made it fitted with a small brim. My first attempt was too small. My second attempt, made out of navy fabric with silver dots came out pretty well. It could have been a touch taller. Third attempt, out of a slate blue fabric with small flowers, was near perfect, just needed to be a little flatter on top. I’ll try to take some pictures.

During the warm weather, I don’t wear them while riding preferring a buff. But one is good to wear post ride while suffering from helmet hair. Plus they are darn cute.


~ by susancyclist on May 21, 2009.

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