Rain, Rain, Go Away

I was awakened this a.m. by a huge thunderclap.

When I went out to get the morning paper, I had to go barefoot.  The water came to my ankles.  It was rather cold.

Darn, the lights went out in the middle of that.  I lost part of this post.

So anyway, it’s wet.  With the standing ponds and flash flooding, I probably will be lucky to get a ride in late today.

On other fronts, I like cycling caps.  So I’m taking a shot at making my own.  Realistically, I don’t normally wear them under my helmet during the summer here.  But they are good for covering helmet hair.  I will wear them in cooler weather.

My first shot at one was last weekend.  Too small.  Cute though.

I took another flyer last night and did pretty well.  Wearable.  Good looking.  It could be a little taller.  I like it to come down a bit more over the knot in the back of my head.

If I get enough done today, I may take another shot at it this evening.

And if anybody has a really tiny head, they can have that first little one.


~ by susancyclist on May 9, 2009.

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