It’s Saturday morning

and I’m being lazy for a bit.  I’m watching the Music City Marathon to see if I can see Megan (she’s running the half).

Last evening she came over and we did a short ride.  My job was to tell her not to mash, just spin.  We saw baby goats.

Today is re-paint the deck day, the last of the big April chores.  In a bit I’ll go out and give it a good wash. I was going to do that last evening but we rode instead.  Then while it dries, I’ll run a couple of errands.  Then stain.  It shouldn’t take too terribly long as I can do most of it with a roller.  I won’t start until it’s in the shade in the latter half of the day.  It’s gonna be a warm day!!


~ by susancyclist on April 25, 2009.

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