I got a ride in this morning.  I’ve been very busy at the office, getting in late in the evening, so there has been no time for fun. 

So I headed out for a spin this morning.  I almost didn’t.  I woke up this morning with a stiff neck and shoulders.  But I decided to try to ride it out.  It worked.

The first few miles told on my legs since I haven’t been riding.  I stopped early on to have a snack and drink as that sometimes settles them down.  It did and the rest of the ride went well.

On other, but related fronts, I had mentioned a project I was contemplating.   I had a lovely old drop-leaf dining table that has been sitting in my garage as I had no room for it.  It has been ruining as a result.  I tried to sell it with no takers.  Goodwill wouldn’t even take it.  So this afternoon I took it apart and re-purposed it.  (Is that a word?)  It’s now a storage bench where I can sit and finish off getting ready to head out for a ride.


~ by susancyclist on April 18, 2009.

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