Sale is done

The garage sale is done, thank goodness.  Considering the weather, it went well.

On Friday I had to close down as tornadoes were in the area.  They hit about 25-30 miles south of me causing great damage.  2 people were killed, 41 injured.

Yesterday I re-opened to chilly and cloudy weather.  At first I was worried as business was slow.  But as the morning progressed, it picked up. 

My friend Megan rode over on her Jamis to keep me company for a bit.

I sold all the tools I put out except the 3 corded drills.  I told a friend they wouldn’t sell as nobody wants to worry with the cords anymore.  I sold a bike, a Schwin World which I didn’t like to ride.  I sold a nice cedar chest., lots of glassware, various odds and ends.

So today I need to reorganize things but hope to get in a short ride.

I have at least one other necessary project for April, re-finishing the deck, so that I can ride guilt free later.  I’ve also thought up one less-necessary project which will be post-worthy.  I’ll post about it later.


~ by susancyclist on April 12, 2009.

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