It got cold and frosty this morning.  What’s with that.  It’s supposed to be spring.

No riding this weekend.  As the weather was crappy, I spent much of the time pulling things out to sell in a couple of weeks.  I think I would feel much better with less clutter, even to 2-3 less pieces of furniture.

I did ride in this morning in the chill.  But when I got to the office, I remembered I had planned to drive my little pickup in to take it to the shop.  I forgot. The horn isn’t working.  I rarely use the horn.  But now that I don’t have it, I want to honk at everything!


~ by susancyclist on March 30, 2009.

3 Responses to “Brr”

  1. Hey, yeah im a cyclist in ireland and its still too nippy! Its the wind that cuts through you! Either wrap up alot and dont cycle hard or wrap up a little and cycle really hard!!!!

  2. It was frosty here three hours north of you too. Luckily there really wasn’t any wind, so the ride to work was pretty nice.

    When your horn works again, I hope you don’t use it to honk at everything. [honk!]

  3. Maybe you can get a bell for your truck – tring, tring. 🙂

    It snowed in Chicago yesterday, but looks like the chill’s gone as fast as it came. Hopefully the same for you down in TN.

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