I’m really not this klutzy

or maybe I am.

Megan called this morning to say she wasn’t riding today.  Her legs were done after yesterday’s hills.  So I decided that rather than taking the Giant out for a road ride; I would take the Fuji out for some errands and general cruising.

First I headed through town to the auto parts place.  The Fuji has no bosses for a bottle holder, so I decided to see if a hose clamp or 2 would work.  It does and they do as the young man put them on for me.

Next I went to Big Lots where I got some drink mixes really cheap and a bottle of olive oil.

Then I decided to take a spin through the park before heading to the grocery and the Dollar store.  This is where the problem arose.  After the spin through the park, I head out the bike path where there is a little exit entailing a sharp right and a climb up to the overpass.  I stupidly apprached this just like I was on the road bike.  The Fuji just doesn’t respond the same way and I ended up sprawled out and tangled up in the bike.  At the time I wasn’t even sure how it happened.

No permanent damage to the bike.  Things were a bit askew, brakes and shifters.  The tape on the right drop was totally chewed up. 

As for me, the helmet saved my head.  I guess that means replacement.  Thankfully I have 2.  Even though I had on my long REI bike pants, my left knee is a bit worse for wear, scraped and bruised.  Oddly the pants didn’t suffer at all.

So after sitting a bit, then standing and jumping around, I headed on my way.  As I accelerated and started to climb a little hill, I realized one of my problems when I tried to pedal like I was clipped in.  I apparently do use the whole stroke on a climb!

So I’m thinking about getting some Shimano A530 SPD pedalswhich are platform on one side and clips on the other. Since I have SPD multi directional cleats on all my shoes, that would work out well.

Be glad I’m not going to regale your eyeballs with injury pics again.

Oh, on the chewed up tape. Since the bars on this bike are small, I had quite a bit left over from the original wrap job, enough to re-wrap from the brake lever down.


~ by susancyclist on March 22, 2009.

One Response to “I’m really not this klutzy”

  1. Yikes, glad you’re okay!

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