Sunday winds and shimmying

Today the big, blow me over, March winds were back.  So rather than the planned recovery ride we went to Cedar Forrest and hiked.  It was nice to hear the wind blowing through the treetops while we were down below.

When I got home, I did a little research on the shimmying problem I had yesterday.  Google is your friend.  I’ve come to a couple or three  conclusions.  I must say that this particular hill is the only place I’ve had this problem.  It goes straight down, no curve at all, for about a half mile.

1.  I need to scooch as far back on the saddle as I can while still being able to clamp the top tube with my legs.

2.  The steep grade of the hill shifts my weight forward onto the front half of the bike.  That’s just gravity.  The scooching might help that some, but not enough, even tucked into the drops.

3.  I might need to check out my headset.

4.  I’m still placing part of the blame on the wheels.



~ by susancyclist on March 8, 2009.

One Response to “Sunday winds and shimmying”

  1. What would we do without Google? Scary thought 🙂

    Blow me over winds suck, especially when they try to blow me over into traffic. But at least it’s a sign on spring.

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