Finally. A commute!

Seems like forever since I had my feet on the pedals.  Today I rode in on the roadbike.  It felt so good.

It was also the test ride for the cyclist’s back pack I got from Eddie Bauer.  That also worked quite well.  It carries much more than it looks like it would.  I will take a look at shortening some of the straps.  Tightening them up enough to fit me leaves a fair amount of flappage.

On the roadbike, the rear brake is shifting about a bit.  That’s why I thought I was having hub issues.  I’ll hit that with a wrench this evening.

Yesterday, on my way back from Nashville, I went by the LBS to return that wheel.  My mechanic started measuring the old axle (he was a little embarrassed).  Then I said, “UH, won’t a standard QR wheel work?”  He grinned and said, “Well yeah.  You just saved me a lot of trouble!”  So that should come in next week.  Then back to a regular commute on the Fuji.


~ by susancyclist on March 5, 2009.

2 Responses to “Finally. A commute!”

  1. From your description of this the other day, I suspect the original axle was 5/16″ in diameter instead of the more common 3/8″ size. If the fork is made for a 5/16″ axle, a quick-release axle will not work readily. Quick-release axles are typically 3/8″ in diameter, and must protrude into the fork ends by about half the thickness of the fork end.

    Be prepared to replace the fork if you want more modern wheels on that bike. A new fork should cost somewhere around $30-45, plus your time to install it. It’s a great opportunity to install a new headset, too, for another $20 or less.

  2. When the wheel comes in, I plan on taking the bike and setting up the wheel at the shop. So if it won’t work, we’ll know right away. Plus I can use their tools. 🙂

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