Winter Saturday

First ride since I skewered the hand.  Megan & I got a late start which unfortunately gave the wind time to pick up ahead of a cold front.  We headed up Hwy 231 to Africa Road.  I’m always a little concerned about dogs on that road, but all we ran into were doggies that were up for a run along with us.  The big boxer was a little scary at first though.

We came out on Hartsville Pk and took a short jaunt to Lovers Ln.  No, really.  That involved a long climb into the headwind and where my legs felt the time off the bike.  At the end of that climb I had to stop, rest and peel off a layer. 

Then we turned right to head into town.  If my legs weren’t so pathetic we probably would have gone left.  We went through town to the bike path and the park.  On the bike path we stopped to visit Bob the cat who had just been fed by a gentleman who I think feeds him every day.  In the park we stopped to swing.

Then we headed home.

Next I made Meg take my Garmin and ride 2 laps in the neighborhood.  One was with her usual gearing and one was a couple of clicks down.  Meg is a natural masher.  She plans to try some sprint tris this year and I think she needs to learn how to spin a bit more or she is going to cook herself.

The hand did well enough.  It was a little irritated from the glove even with a bandage.

I also suspect the rear hub needs servicing.  I don’t think my difficulty is all my legs.  I think it’s a little stiff feeling.  I’ll take it off and take a look, but it may go to the shop Monday.


~ by susancyclist on February 21, 2009.

4 Responses to “Winter Saturday”

  1. What kind of pace do you ride? How much distance? Just curious. I’ve avoided club rides due to the competitive nature. Solo riding is good, but with a friend or few is better. It seems you have that with Megan.

    I was almost exclusively a solo rider until Tim and I formed the River City Cycling Society:

    Our goal is one ride per month, slower paced, possible food stops, possible off-road, and stay together as a group. It’s pretty cool.

  2. It’s hard to tell you a true pace in the flats because I never ride a flat route! During the “High Season” I’ll run 50 miles on a Saturday unless I decide to train for a century. Weskdays just whatever I feel like.

    Though when the time changes I’m thinking about doing some specific training, a la century training, just to get in shape.

    Ya’lls site looks nifty. You should plan a ride that includes a drive to Middle Tennessee.

  3. I *could* plan a Tennessee ride, but it’s likely nobody from the RCCS would want to drive.

    I’d love to take a drive there and ride with you someday. I’d have to ride my hybrid, because I can’t haul the ‘bent.

    Are you up for a visit this spring or summer?

  4. You guys should come down for the Tour de Nash May 16! I like it because it’s it’s in-town as opposed to country roads which is what I ride all the time. I bet we could get Tom to come with advance notice.

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