Strange weekend

Yes, an odd one.

Megan and I had planned to ride on Valentine’s Day, but she called and said she had a sinus infection.  So instead we met up at the outlet mall.  At the Eddie Bauer Outlet, I hit on a nifty little backpack type thing made for cycling.  It has a shoulder strap like a messenger bag, but then has a waist strap.  The bag itself is made like a small backpack.  But it would easily carry 2 bottles and I could probably fit a helmet in one pocket.  It was $34.50 and I snagged it for 70% off.  I thought it would make a nice commuter bag for the Fuji which has no place for a bottle.

Next came the bad stuff.  I bought a new faucet for the bathroom and figured I could install it myself.  As I was detaching the water lines, the second one was kinda stuck. I jerked it, it popped out and the back of my right hand hit a bolt head, gouging a big hole in the process.

I crawled out from under the sink and checked it out just as blood started to pour.  So I head downstairs, leaving a trail of blood behind me.  I grab a handful of paper towels, apply pressure and try to figure out what to do.  So I grab my cellphone, which happily has all my numbers programmed in it, and call my friend, Geri, who lives just a few blocks away.

Then I decide it’s a good idea to just sit down in the floor.

Then I realize all my doors are locked.  Geri can’t get in.

So I go unlock the front door.  Then sit down in the big rocker.  Then pass out for a few.

I think I had a strange dream.

I woke up and Geri came. 

I pointed her to my first aid kit.  Unfortunately, I didn’t have any butterfly closures (I remedied that today), so we made do with various bandages after cleaning and using antibiotic ointment.  She also sweetly mopped up all the blood.

It was painful overnight, plus I was chilled which was probably from my bad afternoon.  So about 4 hours of sleep.

Today it’s much better.  It’s still turning colors and is swollen.  But it’s closed up pretty well.

But in the meantime, there’ll be no riding for a few.  I couldn’t hold the bar and braking would be out of the question.


~ by susancyclist on February 15, 2009.

2 Responses to “Strange weekend”

  1. Ouch. That hand looks like a painful thing happened to it.

    I HATE those events.

    Quick and thorough recovery to you!

  2. It’s better. Most of the swelling is gone, but I still can’t make a fist. I’ll have to rely on my left cross.

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