Friday Happy Dance

Take a moment to picture Snoopy doing a happy dance because it’s Friday.  There.  Don’t you feel better?

Yesterday at lunch it was so pretty I decided to take a little ride and eat outdoors. It was a tiny bit nippy, so I went to the rather strange lunchtime spot I discovered last fall, the train station.  I sit on a bench in the plexi shelter and read, eat, and enjoy the sunshine.  It’s probably a little strange, but so am I.

Yesterday afternoon’s ride home was fun.  I went through the drive-thru at the bank which is always fun.  It’s more fun when there is a new teller.  Then I rode past the college and up Spring Street for a bit.  I passed the lone female member of the Cumberland Cycling team (she was going in the opposite direction, so I didn’t pass, pass her).  She was going hard with an impressive cadence.  Since I was on the Fuji, in street clothes, wearing a ratty windbreaker, I’m sure she thought I was a dewey-cyclist.  That is a common mistake, unfortunately.

I had given some thought to riding for a bit, but realized I was starving so I headed home.

I’m motorized today, so no good cycling stories until the weekend.


~ by susancyclist on February 13, 2009.

One Response to “Friday Happy Dance”

  1. “It’s probably a little strange, but so am I.”

    That’s how to enjoy life! 🙂

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