Good choice, bad choice

Not riding in yesterday was a pretty good choice.  We didn’t get thunder, lightening or even rain. We got the wind though.  Wind that blew off a small portion of my office roof.  Riding with portions of metal roof, as well as limbs, signs, etc., blowing around doesn’t seem like a good thing.

I did ride in this morning and the weather is beautiful.  But that is where the bad choice comes into play.  The warm temperatures of the last few days spoiled me and apparently robbed me of thought.  It’s still February after all.  If the temps are under about 50, I MUST wear full-fingered gloves.  Something on the ears would have been nice too.  I didn’t do either.  The ears are not a big deal.  The fingers are.

It wasn’t as painful as that time last fall and I salvaged the left hand by riding with it in my jacket pocket, but my right hand fingers were full of hurt.  But it will warm up as the day goes on.  It shouldn’t be a problem for the ride home unless I am late getting out of the office.


~ by susancyclist on February 12, 2009.

2 Responses to “Good choice, bad choice”

  1. I rode a partial commute yesterday. The headwind was brutal, but the tailwind on the way back was incredibly cool. I hadn’t thought about flying debris though.

    It turns out the wind knocked out power to 80,000 households in the area, including mine.

  2. Ouch. My fingers always suffer the most. I saw the sunshine this morning and felt like putting on a tank and skirt – then saw the the temp was 32. Boo. I did forgo the earmuffs, though. That was a big step. Too bad the freezing weather’s right around the corner again.

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