Bit O’ Wind

Yesterday afternoon’s ride home was lovely, especially for February. I hit the post office and the grocery and then hit the little downhill home.

I decided to chance riding in this morning despite the bad forecast.  I don’t mind some rain, but storms are another matter.  So I’ll keep an eye on the forecast and if things look bad ride home over lunch.

I chose the “longer” route in this morning.  That’s only about 3.5 miles, the shorter being 2.5 or so.  I kinda wished I had taken the shorter as it’s more wind-protected.  Hefting that heavy bike is a bit of work.

I was also going to plug my little cheapo Bell Spinfit computer as it worked well yesterday.  So it didn’t work this morning.  But I’ve gotten out of the habit of checking the magnet alignment as that isn’t necessary with the Garmin.  I probably bumped it when I aired up the tires this morning. 

When the weather turns bad again, and it’s February we know it will, the wheels will go and get trued.  The front is really out.  If you were looking down while riding, it could make your stomach churn.  Although I don’t have the tools, I may try my hand by flipping the bike over and using the brakes to align.  I can’t remember how much it costs to true a wheel.


~ by susancyclist on February 10, 2009.

One Response to “Bit O’ Wind”

  1. Before taking the wheel to be trued, verify that your tire is properly seated on the rim. If the bead is a bit low in one spot, the tire will appear to be quite a bit out of alignment.

    Wheel truing prices vary, but I usually charge $15 unless I have to make repairs to the wheel.

    If you get a spoke wrench (really the only suitable tool for the job), make sure you get the right size. Original wheels on your Fuji probably require a green spoke wrench (most are color-coded to Park Tools’ standard), while your newer bike probably requires the black one. They are not interchangeable.

    If you do it yourself, go in quarter-turn increments, paying close attention to your results. If things start going the wrong way, reverse what you’ve just done. Take your time. It isn’t rocket science, heck, even I can do it.

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