Wind and suffering

I had looked forward to this weekend a great deal with the promised warm temperatures.  The warm temperatures did indeed arrive.  But so did big winds.

Megan came over and we had planned to ride to Watertown.  But there were winds out of the southwest.  The first half of the ride would have been southeasterly, so we would have been treated to continual head and crosswinds. 

We hadn’t gotten far and I was not having fun (I’m really out of shape!).  When I caught the crosswind, I was having some trouble keeping a line.  So we decided to change our route.  The worst part of the change was the first turn which lead to a long shallow ascent directly into the wind.  This was where the suffering came in.  The harder I spun the pedals, the harder the wind pushed back.

Finally, I made it through.  After that some fun when we got to the tail wind part.  That part made me feel lighter than air. 

We stopped off at the bookstore where our bikes fascinated some pre-schoolers.  My tires are orange!  We also stopped at a roadside stand where a gentleman was selling Mennonite goods.

Happily, of the rest of the ride, only one section was straight into the headwind.

Sadly, at some point I hit the stop button on the ‘puter, so I don’t have the mileage.


~ by susancyclist on February 7, 2009.

3 Responses to “Wind and suffering”

  1. I had much the same situation here today also. Warm temps, and windy. I figured it wouldn’t be a big deal on the ‘bent, but it still kicked my butt.

  2. I’m considering it a big hill day. My legs are tired.

  3. My ride was only 18 miles.. then a 3.5 mile ride to run errands, so I’ve recovered just fine. I assume your ride was longer.

    I hope to ride more tomorrow, but I’ve got a lot of housework to do.

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