Plodding thru winter

I am rewarding myself for getting some things done at the office this morning by posting here.

After our lovely warmish weekend, it has turned really cold again.  But it’s supposed to be in the 60s again this weekend.  If we must have winter weather, this is a good schedule.

Sunday my rides consisted of short test rides on the Fuji interspersed with adjustments.  I have a little one-mile loop in my neighborhood so I could just do a loop, ride into the garage, ride out.

On the first loop I had to tighten the front brakes.  Second loop my bars shifted when I tried braking from the hoods, so back to the garage.  After that I toodled around a few miles, then came home.

I realized that brifters have spoiled me.  My mind wandered and I tried shifting with the brake lever.  How did those guys race with down tube shifters?!  But there were no problems.  I have to remember to keep my ears open so I can trim if necessary.

For your viewing pleasure:

I gave some thought to commuting yesterday even though I don’t have the rack on yet.  Fortunately, I checked the forecast to find temps in the teens and gusty winds.  😉


~ by susancyclist on February 4, 2009.

One Response to “Plodding thru winter”

  1. Glad you got a ride in, Susan! We still have too many random ice patches on our roads for me to take either bike out of the garage. Plus the temps have been a bit below my threshold when I’ve had time to ride.

    Jenn will probably get her Peugeot out again Friday. The forecast for tomorrow morning is about 5F, which is a bit cold for most of us.

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