I’ve got a cold

Yesterday was a crappy Monday.

1.  I have a cold.

2.  The REI Visa people called me, and somebody has been using my card number.  So far, apparently for nothing big.  $1 for an Itunes download?!  And one other that didn’t ring any bells.  But nothing big that I know of.  But I can’t access my account on-line anymore so I’ll have to wait for the next statement to double check things.

I’ve been thinking about where it could have been intercepted.  Only one place that I ordered where I never have before.  So I have my suspicions.

My last post was my 200th.  We should have had a party.


~ by susancyclist on January 27, 2009.

3 Responses to “I’ve got a cold”

  1. Sometimes crooks will use a card number for a small purchase just to verify a card is working. Talk to the outfit where your card account is and get their best advice. Talk to your banker about the advice you get. It may be time to close that account and start another one.

  2. Should we toast your 200th post with a shot of Ny-Quill?

  3. Tom, that number is already closed down. I should have a new card in a few days.

    John, I think I’d rather just go with vodka!

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