Monday, Monday

Cold, gloomy Monday morning.  Blah!

I stayed indoors on Sunday.  I did some work on the Fuji’s chain wheels.

It has one of those pie-plate style chainguards.  Once I got that off, I could access the rings, so I tried straightening them without further dis-assembly.  What I came up with tool-wise was a vise grip.  That worked much better than a regular pair of pliers.

I think I have them pretty close to straight.

I have been using Bicycling’smaintenance guide which I occasionally find rather obtuse. So last night I printed out the front der information from Park Tools’ website which I find much clearer.


~ by susancyclist on January 26, 2009.

One Response to “Monday, Monday”

  1. I looked at the basic tool kit you mentioned earlier–I’m not surprised you were disappointed in it. If I stocked lots of Park tools I would not stock this kit. The AK-37 is a much nicer kit (albeit with a much higher price tag). Like many outfits, Park seems to add some toss-in items to buttress the piece count.

    I would encourage you to consider buying the Park Big Blue Book, now that the second edition is out. You’ve already noted how much better their presentation is.

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