Warm Friday, Cold Saturday

Yesterday the temps broke 60.  I could not ride.  Today they aren’t getting out of the 30s.  But I got in a ride.

Friday did feature a trip to REI.  I went to pick up the wind proof pants I ordered, to check out sales, and scout what I want when my dividend comes in next month.

I found nothing on sale that I needed.  I did see some pretty Sidis to get when I get the dividend.  I also noted the Park and Pedros tools.  I would like to get a kit, but the choices are pretty sad.  They do have a Park Home Mechanic Starter kit, but I was pretty disappointed with what comes in that. They also have a brand called Super B which has some of the worst reviews I’ve ever read. The Park Race/ride kit is pretty cool, but REI doesn’t carry it so I couldn’t use my dividend.

As I drove home, Meg called about a Saturday ride. My Saturday schedule had cleared up so I agreed.

She came over this morning and we both layered up. I put chemical warmers in my gloves. I had a layer of wool on top and my new headwind pants over compression tights and shorts on the bottom. 2 pairs of wool socks and Calientoes on my tootsies.

The temps were tolerable but the wind was miserable.

Once I had to use my ‘car stopping voice’ on a van that started to pull out right into me. It’s remarkably effective although I don’t depend on it.

Once I had to stop because my warm hat that I had pulled down to just above my eyes was migrating to over my eyes. This didn’t seem good.

Finally, we had to dismount as we rode by the house with the bad dog. But to keep him away, all I have to do is wave my can of Halt in his direction.

The wind was northwesterly and, according to Motion Based, averaged 14.1 with a high of 17.2. The only time it wasn’t freezing my face was when it was a pure tailwind. And there was little enough of that.

After we took a turn through the park, we headed home. I was suffering from the cold and my feet were getting numb. So I asked Meg to pull. She’s 24; I’m 53. She can tolerate the cold for a few minutes. Right?

Megan is a nurse and I had previously discussed the possibility that I may have Reynaud’s with her. She asked me about the colors, i.e. when you are suffering the extremity appears striped. One half can be white, another red or orange or purple. But I usually don’t look as I’m trying to get whatever hand or foot warm. So when we got home, I pried my socks out from under my tights and plopped my foot up on the table. It looked like someone had ruled off the stripes on my foot. Quite patriotic looking actually. Next time I’ll put some chemical warmers in my shoes.


~ by susancyclist on January 24, 2009.

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