More on my Fuji

Tooling around the net tonight on my laptop, I found the original ad or catalog page for my Fuji. Click me!

At first I thought mine was the ’81 due to the description. In both 1980 & 81 the Sports 12 L was available with either drop or flat bars. Pictures for both years show the flat bars and fenders. On the ’80 page it doesn’t mention the fenders. On the ’81 page it says, “The Ladies’ model is available with dropped handle bars, or upright bars and fenders.” So I figured drop bars, no fenders, must be the ’81.

But then I looked at the decal on the seat tube on each bike. Mine doesn’t have the black background that is on the ’81. See here. It’s obviously the ’80 based on that. I think they just didn’t mention it in the ’80 ad, and rectified the mistake the following year. I bet they caught some flak for that.

BTW, mine is the silver mist. Though I do quite like the burgundy.

ETA:  Well, now I’m not so sure.  The ’80 ad doesn’t mention the silver color being available, although the picture looks like the silver color I have.  but I am defintely right about the decal.


~ by susancyclist on January 23, 2009.

2 Responses to “More on my Fuji”

  1. Susan, bike catalogs have included the expression, “Specifications subject to change without notice” for years. It’s also quite possible that a shop swapped some parts (like handlebars–hey, it happened a lot) out on your bike before it went out the door, or at some other time in its service life. Bottom line? Your bike was built in 1980, probably, unless it was built the year before as a 1980 model.

    Either way, it is cool to have an ad featuring your bike!

  2. I think you’re right. That site also has a breakdown of what serial numbers mean which would tell me. I just haven’t messed with that yet.

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