It’s a beautiful day

Am I out in it?  Heck no.

Will it last into the weekend?  Heck no.

Hopefully I can get to REI tonight to pick up my windproof tights.  I’ll have to be in the office tomorrow for at least the morning.

On the Fuji front, I put it on the trainer last night to work on the shifting.  Since I could see down into it much better that way, I quickly figured out what my problem was.  The rings are bent.  Not badly.  I may be able to straighten them.  But crap.

I think my best bet is to do some disassembling so I can put them in my bench vise.  Of course, I’ve never done this before, so this entails some reading first.  The other issue is that I probably don’t have the tools I need.  I may be able to make do with what I’ve got though.


~ by susancyclist on January 23, 2009.

2 Responses to “It’s a beautiful day”

  1. The tool of choice (at least MY choice) here would be a chainring straightener. I think Bicycle Research used to make one. It was a simple piece of metal bar stock with two grooves cut in it. One places the tool so that the groove is over the chainring and levers the ring into an approximately straight shape.

    As an alternative, you could take the rings off the crank spider and put them in a vise and bend them carefully. Beyond a hex wrench or open end wrench, this should not require special tools.

    If you decide to remove the crank arm to do this, you will need a crank arm puller. There is no good substitute for this tool. Be sure you get one that works on square-taper crank sets if yours is the original crank.

  2. Thanks Tom. I printed that out. The latter will probably be easier to get my hands on. But I’ll check out the first and if I can, go by my LBS to see if they have a straightener. They probably don’t.

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