Havin’ a nice Sunday

The weather today was probably warm enough to ride, but I just wanted to stay in.  So I womaned up and climbed on the trainer.

I have these audio workouts I used to use on the stairmaster called CardioCoach, volumes 3, 4 & 5. They are set up much like any trainer workout with intervals and hills.

So anyway, I used Vol. 3 which runs about 35 minutes. It has a warmup divided into 2 sections, then a set of 30 second sprints, cool down, 2 hills, cool down, then a set of 10 second sprints, (those got me up to about 90-95% of my max heart rate), then a final long cool down.  The music is rather techno, but that type of music seems to work for a workout.  It always has a driving beat.

So even though it was not a long workout, it got my sweat dripping and my legs cooking.

On the gear front, I have been keeping the credit card use down but promised myself relief if I could find some windproof tights on sale.  I found these so I ordered. I should be able to pick them up next Saturday.

~ by susancyclist on January 18, 2009.

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