Saturday Ride?

Not so much.

The closest I got to riding today was two little test rides on the Fuji.  I got out and back in as quickly as possible.  It wasn’t as cold as it has been.  But the wind chill decided to compensate for any increase in temperature.

But I did get some work done on the Fuji.  The rear derailleur didn’t shift onto the smallest cog, so I got that adjusted.  I also got the rear brakes adjusted.  The front end isn’t going quite as smoothly.  I also repositioned the brake levers slightly.

At first when I tried shifting the front der, the cable would slip through the bolt.  I solved that by adding adding a washer to give it something to really clamp to.  Next problem was the shift lever for the front der.  When I pulled it to shift it wouldn’t stay in place.  To keep the chain on the little ring, I had to hold the lever down.  That won’t work.

So I took it apart, cleaned it and when I put it back together tightened it up.  That seems to have solved that problem.

Next is adjusting the front der.  It has a tendency to overshift on the big ring and flop off.  That part I totally bollixed up and ended up with the chain rubbing the cage.  After fiddling around with it a while, I quit before I hit the aggravation stage.

So I brought the bike back in the house from the garage so I could wrap the bars in comfort.  I used brown Salsa gel tape.  It looks nice with the Cane Creek hood covers.  But those covers made it a little tougher as they won’t roll up and they are shorter not coming over the bars.  So I ended  up doing the wrap then using a small screw driver to pry and poke the tape under the hoods.

Overall, I think they look pretty good for my first wrap job.


~ by susancyclist on January 17, 2009.

4 Responses to “Saturday Ride?”

  1. From what I can see, you did a great job on the handlebar wrap. It’s always tough merging modern tape with bars and levers of that period.

    I’m liking the tire sidewalls, too. Schwalbe tires?

  2. Schwalbe Marathons. Probably the most expensive thing I’ve put on this bike. But kevlar and reflective sidewalls are both good things for a commuter/utility bike. Esp one that doesn’t have QR skewers!
    I like the natural color tape too.

  3. I bought a set of Marathon Plus for my Raleigh (only decent tire anyone sells in 590 diameter). I’ve been riding Schwalbe tires on my other two bikes since late 2001/early 2002–the Stelvios on my Bacchetta Strada (and on the V-Rex I had before it), an older set of City Marathons on the Ryan Vanguard. The Marathons have over 3K miles on them, and are still in good shape. Now that I’m commuting more, it’s time for me to select the next tires for that bike.

  4. Sounds like a repeat of the Marathons!

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