The Blog Roll

I added a couple of blogs to the blog roll —>

Hi Guys! 

I looked at a couple that I’ve been wondering whether to keep.  I know Steve isn’t posting, but it isn’t racing season.

Anne Dirkse only posts when she travels, usually by bike.  I clicked on hers and lo and behold she’s in Mexico right now. 

Meantime, it’s still freezing cold here.  I’ll tell a quick story on myself.  I had court this morning which entailed mostly sitting around and waiting.  This particular courtroom is only a block from my office so I walked.  But I had to be in another court across town at 1:00 so I drove.  But I had to go back to the original court, so I drove straight there.  When I finally got done late this evening I walked back to the office.  Yeah.  I forgot my truck.  I was in a skirt and heels, so it was seriously cold.  At least I was wearing my fleece cape I made a couple of years ago.  That thing is seriously warm.  It just doesn’t reach to my feet.


~ by susancyclist on January 16, 2009.

4 Responses to “The Blog Roll”

  1. Wow! I got added to someone’s blog roll! I feel honored!

    I’d enjoy seeing a picture of your fleece cape. My girlfriend made one for herself recently–she rides the bus to work so she made some modifications to be more visible to the drivers, and it turned out very cool-looking!

    Basically, she made reflective piping by taking reflective strips she found in a fabric store (made to put stripes on clothing), wrapping each reflective band lengthwise on some cord, sewing that into piping, and putting that in each seam of the body of her cape. It really stands out. I’m glad.

  2. I’ll try to get a pic of the cape one day soon. It’s actually pretty dressy. I have considered making one for riding out of a bright orange.

  3. I have a rain cape–just arrived a few days ago, but haven’t had need for it (it’s been too cold to commute with the rest of my gear). It’s bright yellow, and has a reflective strip on the back, but it is not as visible as my illuminite jacket.

    I’m working on getting some pictures of her cape.

  4. I have an inexpensive rain cape I got from Campmor. I’ve only used it a couple of times but it worked.

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