It’s freaking cold.

& supposed to get colder.  I’m staying indoors.

I did clean the chain on the Fuji last night.  It’s in much better shape than I thought.  It was just very dry and very dirty.

So I worked on it with cleaner and a toothbrush.  Then I really juiced it up with lube.  I’ll let that sit for a day or so giving it a chance to work it’s way in before wiping it down.

Hopefully by the weekend this stupid arctic cold front will be gone and I can do a test ride.


~ by susancyclist on January 15, 2009.

6 Responses to “It’s freaking cold.”

  1. Is the entire country covered in this horrible cold air?

    Ack! I’m glad I don’t even have to go outside today. I walked to my garage, and drove to the parking garage at work.

    The temperatures this month have been demoralizing for me. I can’t ride often enough.

  2. I think tonight we get our worst and it begins to improve for the weekend. I’m even bringing my lunch to the office so I don’t have to go outdoors. & I’m certainly not bicycle commuting!!!

  3. Glad to hear you are enjoying something (fixing the bike) in this weather. I think I’m going to be bringing Jenn’s bike inside for her to do the rest of her rebuild–the garage is not heated–so that she can ride it once the temps reach reasonable levels.

  4. “It’s frickin’ freezing in here Mr. Biggelsworth”

    On days like this, I can really look forward to a ride on the trainer. It will keep me warm for hours afterward.

    The last I checked, it won’t get above 12 degrees here for a few days. How long until spring?

  5. TOO long til spring. Down to 2ish here tonight & I’m in the “sunny south” (The sun is out though).

  6. I think I’ll lay some trash bags down, and clean the drivetrain on my recumbent tonight. So at least I can do something bike related.

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