A New Year’s ride and the re-build

I finally got in my first ride of the year.  After the funeral of my old friend yesterday, it was nice to get out.

The temps were warm so I went with tights, long sleeved base layer under a short sleeved jersey, and was quite comfortable.

I concentrated on easy gears and spinning, at least when I remembered.  It was so nice to be out that I end up just looking around at things.

There was a bit of wind, but it really came into play only in one stretch about a mile long with a mild 1-2% grade straight into the headwind. 

I was a bit surprised that my legs still felt Thursday’s hike a bit.  That used a different set of muscles than riding does.  So they were a bit sore yesterday, and a little stiff this morning.  I mostly rode my way out of that.  My right calf felt like it was at the edge of cramp for a bit.  But I seemed to fend it off by pushing down on that heel or standing.


On the Fuji re-build front, some progress but a big holdup.

I got the Cane Creek hoods on despite the built in cheater brakes levers.  I removed the levers leaving a protrusion where they screw into the body of the lever.  Then I eked on the hoods using a small screw drivers to bridge over the protrusion.  Once I had the hood in position, I clamped a pair of scissors onto it and just spun them around making a perfect little hole that dropped into place.  Then I reattached the cheater levers.

After running the brake cables, I tried a quick ride.  It was very quick.  First, the rear wheel was rubbing.  I understand now why they no longer make horizontal dropouts.  But even when I got that straightened out, the brakes just aren’t working.  When I pull the lever, the side-pull caliper brakes don’t spring back out.  I can’t decide whether it’s something I’m doing, or if it’s the springs are just shot.  So I’ve walked away from it for today.  I’m hoping the time away will let me have an inspiration.


~ by susancyclist on January 4, 2009.

7 Responses to “A New Year’s ride and the re-build”

  1. Susan, I happened on your blog based on your comments on David’s blog. As a long-time bike mechanic of some reputation, I offer the following tips on your brake problem: In order, I would check the following things to get your brakes to release properly:

    I don’t think Cane Creek hoods were really made for the levers I think you have, so I wonder if the cheaters are binding with them. If the problem is not new to you since installing the hoods, the cable is the next thing to check. Make sure it is moving smoothly within the casings–if not, a cable is cheap to replace, and it sounds as if you can replace it yourself. If neither of those ideas yields a solution, check that the pivot bolt on the brake assembly is not too tight. If it’s too loose, the brake will be sloppy. Too tight, and it won’t release correctly. Last thing to do if all three things above are correct is replace the spring.

    http://bikeolounger.blogspot.com/ if you want more ideas…

    Ride Well!

  2. Hi Tom, I don’t think the lever is binding, but that’s easy to check and I will this evening. The brakes are all old Dia-Compe.

  3. About what vintage is the Fuji? The Dia-Compe levers of 1970-1982 or so had “cheater” levers (I used to call them suicide sticks–they quit making them because they had a nasty habit of breaking during a hard braking moment, the absolute worst time for such to happen). As of a year or so ago, the correct hoods for that brake lever (without the cheaters–you would still have to modify them a bit to work with the cheaters) were still available, too. You would have to change the pivots, but I may be able to find a set of them if you want. The work isn’t that hard to do.

  4. It’s a circa ’80 Sport 12 spd. Ladies. I’ll try to get a pic of the levers tonight if I get get a decent pic with a flash. I’ll post it over in my flickr acct. –>

  5. That, or email a link to the pic: bikeolounger is my user name, and my ISP is bellsouth. It is a .net account.

  6. Sry for commenting OFFTOPIC but what WordPress theme do you use? It looks interesting.

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