Last Sat of 08 ride

The weather today was excellent!  Well, except for the gusty winds.  It was warm with an average temp of 65 for my ride according to MotionBased.  But as I planned to ride, I decided to head to Nashville and hit the greenways.  Much of trail is shielded from the wind by the topography. 

I parked at the base of Percy Priest Dam and set out.  Whoops, turn around and fetch the Garmin and the cellphone and start again.

I had ridden the first section of the trail before.  It is very busy and with the warm temps was full of walkers and runners.  I frequently hear complaints about pedestrians on trails, but on this one I’ve never had much of a problem.  I just sing out, “Passing on your left!”   Most move over and usually speak, including saying thanks.  I think a big part of this is making sure I shout out in plenty of time so that I’m not right on top of them.  Nobody likes to be startled.  I also go pretty slow.  I keep it in the grannier gears and spin.

The first section of trail comes out at what is called the Kohl’s Trailhead, at Highway 70 a/k/a Lebanon Rd.  In the future there will be a pedestrian bridge across the river with the trail going underneath the highway.  But they are still working on that part.  So I had to spend a minute on the highway bridge.  Then I crossed the highway to Stones River Road.

Here I came to a section that is not officially open yet.  It is a section of road that parelells the river for about a mile.  Really pretty.  I had heard that everyone was using it anyway, so I went around the barrier.  It turned out others were doing the same thing as I passed a couple of runners.

The road comes back to the Stones River trail which is open.  At that point it heads away from the Stones River.  But before you know it you’re riding along side the Cumberland River.  If you are ever in Nashville and want a pleasant ride, I suggest this section of trail.  It’s really pretty.  I wished I had a helmet cam.

The surprising part was there are a couple of really steep hills.  According to MB the max grade was 19.5%.  I didn’t think they put hills like that on bike paths!

One of the nicest spots was where a section of the trail came out into the open, where the Stones River flows into the Cumberland.  Despite having grown up in this area, I had never seen this.  There is a pretty little pedestrian bridge across here too.

I came out at the Two Rivers Trailhead.  There is an evil little hill coming up to this spot which I ended up walking part of.  (I’m so out of shape.)

Then I toodled around a bit in Two Rivers Park and around the high school.  Next I headed into Donelson.

An old friend from high school is in town and I knew she would be either at her brother’s or her parent’s.  I found her at her parents’ and we had a nice visit and I was fed country ham and biscuits.  Yum.

The last part of my little journey was to ride down a section of Hwy 70 (not good, mostly no shoulder) to the trailhead at the YMCA.  Then I headed back down the trail to the dam.

Despite not actually getting in a great many miles, by riding in lower gears and spinning I still got a decent workout.

Also a note, according to MB the average wind speed was 21.1 with a max of 24.1.  By riding the trails along the rivers I was protected from much of that.

Fun stuff.


~ by susancyclist on December 27, 2008.

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