My Christmas Day

After a nice Christmas morning, I had two things planned for the afternoon and both cycling related.  One was a ride of course.  The second was to work on the vintage Fuji.

I started out with some of the second.  I put my nice new Schwalbe Marathon tires on the rims and then planned to remount the wheels.  There was one drawback.  When I took off the back wheel to take in to the shop, I took off the old style nuts and put them somewhere ‘safe.’  Now I have no clue where that safe place is.  Normally when working with small things like that, I use a coffee mug as a storage spot for little pieces.  Rats.

So until they turn up or I get replacements, I settled for cleaning the derailleurs and rings.  They were quite nasty.

Then I headed out for a my ride.  After some nasty weather earlier this week, the weather today was excellent, sunny with little wind and unseasonably warm.  In fact, I overlayered and stopped to take off my jacket and switch to lighter gloves.

Otherwise it was a lovely ride.  My legs weren’t as strong as when I was riding more regularly.  It still felt good to pedal along.

I’m hungry now!  Suppertime.


~ by susancyclist on December 25, 2008.

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