My thin southern blood does not handle the cold well.  At All.

I kept checking the temperatures on the morning weather, but they kept telling me it was in the 20s despite earlier promises of some warmth.  I finally gave up and started layering up.

I had no route in mind.  I was thinking about trying to get in about 30 miles.  But though I’ve conquered the cold hands problem, the cold feet problem is still with me.

I toodled along in lower gears so that my legs would be pumping faster.  But that doesn’t help my poor tootsies.  Fortunately, they aren’t painful like my hands.  They just get cold, then numb.  After doing some reading, I think part of the problem is the metal cleat acting as a wick for the cold.  I’m doing well with chemical warmers for my hands, so I’m going to try some for my feet.  I just have to decide whether they should go under my feet or on top.

But in the end I was just short of 15 miles. 

Since the weather here has gotten colder earlier this year, I think it’s about time to think about setting up the trainer and riding with Evil Coach Troy.  I was hoping to have the Fuji in riding shape before I did that.  But I don’t tolerate the cold so well any more.


~ by susancyclist on December 13, 2008.

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