Layering and riding

I woke up at dawn and trudged downstairs, put on the coffee, and went out to get the Sunday paper.  It was really, really cold out there.  I turned on the TV and checked the weather.  22F with a 16F wind chill.  But as the sun climbed to a sunny morning, I stuck my nose out the front door again and decided to try a ride.

Prepping for a cold weather ride is a pain.  First off, ALWAYS REMEMBER TO PUT ON YOUR HEART RATE MONITOR BEFORE PILING ON LAYERS.  I actually remembered that today.

First layer: Smartwool mockneck top, cold weather compression tights on bottom, smart wool socks.

Second layer: Arm warmers and my cycling shorts, second pair of smartwool socks.

Third layer:  Merino wool sweater and REI fleece tights.

For the outer parts, I have a pullover wind jacket that was my Dad’s.  He never wore it.  I love it even though it’s really big on me.  Ear bags and fleece headband.  My Seirus facemask.

The final decision was how to handle the new gloves.  I gave some thought to trying them on their own.  But I decided to go with liners and chemical warmers underneath.

As far as the ride was concerned, it was the slowest, shortest road ride I’ve done in a long time.  My legs and feet turned out to be the coldest part of my body.  It’s hard to keep those legs churning when they are cold, especially my quads and knees.  I expect I will have to think about some windproof tights or at least leg warmers or even newspaper under the fleece tights.  The feet weren’t terribly painful, but I’m considering trying the chemical warmers on top of my feet in between the two pair of socks.  Those things are brilliant.

But the good news is that my hands were toasty warm.  Even though I had the warmers under the gloves, they didn’t cover my fingers which stayed quite comfy.  The bulk does shorten my reach on the brifters a bit.  But that just means paying attention so that I can brake in plenty of time.

I also got to work on my snot rocketry skills, which I pride myself on.

Not an unpleasant ride and I rewarded myself with a soak in the tub when I got back.  And according to MotionBased the average temp was 25.7F!


~ by susancyclist on December 7, 2008.

2 Responses to “Layering and riding”

  1. Sweet! You did ride. I’m glad to hear it worked out.

    I rode a short ride on Saturday, and 35 miles today (Sunday). I found my feet getting cold after about 25 miles. I may have to look into something else. I may possibly go back to platform pedals so I can wear my boots.

    So did you cook chili?

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