I had to go to beautiful Chattanooga today.  Aside from that’s where Lynskey and Litespeed are, what’s this have to do with cycling?

The trip down involves climbing and descending infamous Monteagle Mountain.  It is not particularly big, as mountains go.  But I40 pretty much just goes over it.  Not around it or with switchbacks, just up and down.  Thus, particularly in bad weather, it’s dreaded by truckers everywhere.  What’s particularly creepy are the ramps to stop runaway trucks.

Anyway, the relationship to cycling?  On the ride up I’m trying to figure if I could do this climb.

On the ride down, I’m wondering how fast I would go.

Or at least how fast someone with more nerve than me would go.


~ by susancyclist on December 5, 2008.

4 Responses to “Grade”

  1. I know how fat I would go downhill. As fast as I could… unless I wrecked and died first. 🙂 I’m just stupid that way.

  2. Nerve! When I get into the 40s, I get a little tense. I learned it helps to not look at the speedometer thought.

  3. Wow, I said fat instead of fast. I am dumb.

    I got to test my theory a bit today. There’s a nice downhill run that I can easily top 40 mph on. Today it was covered in snow and ice. I (gently) rode the brakes all the way down. I never went above 22 mph, and I was still nervous.

    Where I live it’s not worthwhile to buy studded tires, as I would seldom need them. I really wanted them going down that hill though.

  4. Ha! Not worth studded tires here at all.

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