I’m a sorry… whatever

I haven’t visited, I haven’t called. 

But, I haven’t really been riding.  I only rode one day last week, Thanksgiving Day itself.  I only rode 20 miles that day.  I spent the rest of the long holiday weekend pretty much snugged up in the house, watching old movies, stuffing my face, reading, etc.

On other fronts, the vintage Fuji I bought from ebay arrived on Tuesday.  I was a little disappointed in the condition.  Some things I expected to have to do to it, such as cables, tires, etc.  But the back end was pretty much frozen.  The wheel does spin, but the free wheel isn’t free.  No coasting, the pedals will continue to move.

But I bought an old bike for two reasons.  One is to have a winter/commuter/beater bike I could abuse.  The other is to use it to teach myself some mechanical skills.  So I’ll start out with a lot of the second.

I have bought new cables, tires, tubes for starters.  I realized I also need new rim strips before I mount the tires, so that slowed me up a bit.

In the meantime, the rear wheel is sitting on the workbench having been sprayed with a liberal dose of stuff hoping to loosen up that hub.


~ by susancyclist on December 1, 2008.

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