Pretty darn cold commute

as in Pretty and Darn Cold.

The temps were around freezing as I set out this morning.  Maybe even the 20s.  Some of you don’t think that is tremendously cold, but it certainly is for my thin southern blood.  But the sun was shining which always makes me feel better.  I did pretty well on wearing appropriate layers.  What I didn’t hit was the hand thing.  I should have pulled a rubber glove over my cycling gloves.  Even with liners, my fingers hurt.

On other fronts, I have bought a vintage bike from ebay for commuting.  It’s a 12 speed ladies’ Fuji Sport, circa 1980.  I probably won’t have until next week.


~ by susancyclist on November 18, 2008.

2 Responses to “Pretty darn cold commute”

  1. I’ve always had trouble keeping my hands warm as the weather turns cold. This year, I think I’ve finally solved that problem by getting a pair of lobster mitts. They’re really ski slope specific (Pearl used to make a pair, but I couldn’t find anyone that had them in stock) product, but they seem to work well. For those really cold days, I’ll put a pair of silk liners under them, but I’ve not had to do so yet.

    Here’s a link to what they look like….

  2. I have seen those & thought about trying them. Thanks for the good report.

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