Cold! and testing out winter stuff

First truly cold ride of the year!  As in little bits of frozen precipitation hitting my sleeve as I wheeled the bike out of the garage.  But this was my first real chance to try out some cold weather garb I have gotten since the end of the season last year.

Yesterday I played around with saddle and seatpost so, of course, I mucked it up.  So I had to stop and adjust that.

The cold makes it awfully hard to warm up the muscles so I didn’t get up to speed for a bit.

As far as new, cold weather stuff is concerned:

Ear Bags: They were pretty good. At least your whole ear stays covered without your lobes peaking out and getting frost bitten. I still had a bit of a wind earache. I’ll give them a B.

New Smartwool baselayer. Always a good thing. A.

Voler Thermal Bootie: I think these are good based on the first half of my ride. My feet sweat and get cold. No bootie is going to take care of that. But based on the first half of my ride I’ll give them a B+.

Finally. Based on something I read, I tried something a little odd to keep my hands warm. I wore a regular old pair of warm gloves with a pair of rubber gloves over them, the kind you use to wash dishes. It worked pretty darned good too. It cuts the wind completely and gives a good grip. I’ll try another pair of gloves underneath next time. The only drawback was when I forgot and tried to wipe my runny nose with them. 😆 I’ll probably slap a sweatband over the left one next time for that. A-

Good, cold ride.

~ by susancyclist on November 16, 2008.

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