Riding in the gloomitude

It’s all dark and cloudy out but very little rain despite the prognostications of weather pundits.  (!). 

Yesterday’s ride home was a little noisy as one of the struts on my homemade fenders managed to get bent.  It sounded a lot like having a playing card in your spokes.  I don’t enjoy that as much now as I did when I was 10 years old.  I made a new, slightly wider one when I got home. 

I was also a bit disappointed that it didn’t rain for the ride home.  I felt like a bit of puddle riding.

This morning’s ride was pleasant and not as cold.  I forgot my lunch though.  I left it sitting on the counter.  I may just ride home and eat it when the time comes.

I noticed that I’ve been forgetting the main reason to commute.  I like to ride.  I need to concentrate on that aspect rather than the mere transportation part.  Sometimes I get so sidetracked with what should I wear, have I got everything, what time is it, that I forget to enjoy myself.  If it ceases to become fun, I won’t do it anymore.


~ by susancyclist on November 12, 2008.

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