I was lazy this morning so started late on my ride.  I also couldn’t find the medium weight tights I wanted to wear, so I went with the heavier fleecy ones.  I went with a smartwool baselayer and a merino wool sweater on top, ski socks on my feet and single layer full finger gloves.

As I set out, one of the neighborhood dogs, a retriever mix named Coco, acted like he wanted to go with me.  I didn’t think that was the best of ideas so I wound through the subdivision to drop him, though he would have been nice company. 

I headed out Hartsville Pike.  The sun was bright but the wind was chilly.  I realized quickly that my layering didn’t account for the wind, so I headed for a shorter route than I had planned.  I turned off onto Spring Creek Road which is very up and down.  Near the end of the road I stopped to photograph some pretty little mommas and babies:


Mom & Babe


I finally was able to coax Mom in the second picture to the fence to get her soft nose rubbed as well as her big bristly ears.  Babe wouldn’t come close though.

I headed to the end of the road and turned west onto Carthage Highway.  Some bright soul with DOT has decided that it was a good idea to put rumble strips all the way down the shoulders, rendering them unridable.  I was not happy.  I’ll be emailing them about that stupid decision.  Fortunately, I could cut over to Old Rome Pike in about a mile.  I rode the length of that road, coming out in town.

I wound about in town a bit cutting through a couple of empty parking lots.  At one point I managed to get cross-chained and then dropped the chain.

It was a pretty ride, just chilly and windy.


~ by susancyclist on November 8, 2008.

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