I’m a lil stoopid

I posted yesterday that I rode the carbon fiber road bike in to the office.  Let’s face it.  Despite my sentimental attachment to Ole Blue, a rigid mountain bike, the roadie is just lots more fun for a road-style commute.

But as I prepared to leave the office, the sun was almost gone.  That’s when I realized, “Crap! No lights!”

It would have been easily remedied if I had thought in advance with a blinkie and possibly my headlight (The kind you actually wear on your head).  Fortunately, my commute can be routed through well-lighted areas.

I stopped by a friend’s house and chatted for a bit, so the last mile home was well and truly dark.  This left me slightly paranoid when I heard a car coming up behind me as I don’t think I was any too reflective.  But I was seen as vehicles gave me a wide berth.

So today I’m back to riding the well-lighted Ole Blue.


~ by susancyclist on November 6, 2008.

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