Weekend to election day

Saturday:  Planned an afternoon ride with my friend Megan on the Nashville Greenways.  We started at the base of Percy Priest Dam (I have a picture  haven’t downloaded from the camera yet) and headed out the Stones River Greenway.  It’s really beautiful but was very busy so it was a slow ride.  We came out at the Kohl’s Trailhead and had to ride carefully across the highway.  They are building new bridges which will eventually include a pedestrian bridge.  I had planned that we would connect up with the newest section of the Stones River trail, but there was a big construction barrier there.  I later found out that people had been riding through that, but being the law-abiding soul that I am, we didn’t try.  We did ride up through Ravenwood CC which is very pretty any time of year.  They have really steep hills there though.

Since we couldn’t ride where we planned, we headed down the highway and threaded through some side streets coming to the trailhead at the YMCA.  I had ridden this section before, but took a wrong turn and got a bit lost.  But this time, we did all right coming back to where we needed to be.  We stopped and chatted a bit at an overlook as it was just very pretty.

One thing I found interesting in riding this trail is how considerate most folks were.  Dog walkers kept the puppies on a short leash and people kept to their side of the trail.  The downside was there were some things that I consider construction errors.  Sharp curves, big bumps on and off bridges.

Sunday:  Sunday I finished picking up the bulk of the walnuts!!  Rough figures on the total would be about 150 walnuts per wagon-load and about 30-35 loads.  Thatsa a lotta nuts.  That meant I could finally mow the yard for what is hopefully the last time this year.

Tuesday:  Happy Election Day!  I had beautiful weather for the morning commute.  I voted early, October 15, but everyone expects the turnout to be huge.  I know everyone in the U.S. is sick of hearing about it, and I understand that our friends elsewhere are too.  For those of you across the pond, I know you feel you have a stake in the outcome, but my guess is that the projected winner is the one you are hoping for.


~ by susancyclist on November 4, 2008.

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