Sad stuff and the morning ride

First off, for those of you who occasionally read the Fatcyclist, things are getting rough at his house as his wife, Susan, is on the downhill slope in her battle with cancer. You should click through and post a supportive comment.

Last evening, on the commute home, I was a bit shocked when it was colder than on the ride in. BRR. So I was ready this morning and wore a heavy jacket.  Some how, cold air still managed to flow underneath and give me a chilled tummy. 

In the second sad note of my post, I ride through an old neighborhood of frame houses that once housed workers at the local woolen mill.  One of them burned to the ground overnight.  It was still smoking when I drove by this morning.  These things seem to happen every fall when people start turning on various methods of heating.


~ by susancyclist on October 28, 2008.

2 Responses to “Sad stuff and the morning ride”

  1. I’m glad I checked in to your blog and found this. I didn’t know about Fatty’s situation.

  2. In that case, I’m especially glad I posted it.

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