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I got a late start on a short ride this morning.  It was rather chilly and I missed on the layering.  I spent half the ride with cold extremities and a warm core.  Shoulda worn wool. 

But the sun was shining, the birds were singing, etc., etc.

I did ride a stretch of highway, quite close to home, that I don’t normally ride.  The reason was specifically to snap these pictures:

A utility cycle?

A utility cycle?


In good shape
In good shape

The morning sun washed out some of the color as it’s a pretty pale green.  The bars, seat post clamp and possibly even the chain are dark green.  What’s remarkable about it is that someone is using what looks to be a mint bike for a planter!  Even the tires and saddle look to be in good condition.

I may have to get up the nerve to go inquire about it.  It seems such a waste for a perfectly good, not to mention unusual, bike be set out to rot.

~ by susancyclist on October 25, 2008.

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