Is it Friday yet?

No not yet.  But close though.

Since all I had to carry was my lunch and a book today, I rode the roadbike in and used a backpack.  The morning weatherperson said it was 43F out, but it didn’t feel it.  I hope this means I’m acclimating to the chillier temperatures.  The only part of me that felt a chill was the upper half of my leg which was only covered by my cotten cords.

I had a bit of a thought.  I have two or three pair of fake UA tights which are quite comfy.  But I don’t wear them under pants to the office.  It has finally dawned on me that I am never truly warm in the winter, so why not just wear them?

On other fronts, I feel fat.  Snerk.  On the one hand, I have allowed my middle to get rather mushy.  On the other, some of my pants are tight in the thighs because I have built some pretty damn substantial thigh muscles over the past three years.  I am not sure that weight loss would take care of that part.  I weighed this morning and I am sitting at 130, where I’ve been holding for some time.  I think I am still going to take a shot at ditching five pounds or so.

So tonight I start putting together menus and grocery lists for a major grocery shopping trip tomorrow evening.  I’ll have to give up granola bars for the foreseeable future.  Also ham and cheese sandwiches for lunch.  But this five pounds will make a major difference in how I feel.


~ by susancyclist on October 23, 2008.

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