Odds, ends, interesting things

No ride in this morning as I needed a motor vehicle and I’m wearing a skirt and heels.  Since this isn’t copenhagen-where- there-are-no-hills, the bike wasn’t in the cards.  So naturally the thing I dressed for was postponed for a week.

On other fronts, as I was out and about yesterday, it occurred to me that with Halloween coming up, this might be a good time to find reflective stickers to slap on the commuter.  I now have a sheet of reflective skulls, appropriate for all times of year and so attractive.  I will continue to look as they are flimsy though.

In the kids bike section, I also spotted these these little lights that apparently go on your valve stems.  Motion sets them going.  I didn’t buy them, but may go back and get them.  My commuter has schraeder stems so they should work.

Have a most excellent Wednesday.

~ by susancyclist on October 22, 2008.

One Response to “Odds, ends, interesting things”

  1. I got a set of those valve stems for my grand daughters bike. They worked pretty well. I don’t think the battery lasted very long but she might have done a lot of riding around her neighborhood.

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